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Resource Page

Hello! We created this page just for you.  We want to be able to give you ongoing information that can help you, or someone you know.  Please visit often for updates and add-ons.

Enhanced Star - The Enhanced Star program is a property tax benefit that saves senior homeowners hundreds of dollars.
Elderly Pharmaceutical Insurance Coverage Program (EPIC) - can help you pay for your prescription drugs.
Be Aware of Scams! Senior Citizens are often the targets of scams. Learn more and protect yourself.
Elder Abuse Hotline - Visit the Website or call (800) 247-8035
Know Your Rights While Receiving Medidal Care - Information about your rights during a medical visit or stay can be found here.
Medicaid - Apply for Medicaid assistance at NY State of Health - Visit the website or call (855) 355-5777
Find More Resources - NY Connects or call (800) 342-9871

September is the month when New Yorkers look back to 9/11 and ahead to peak hurricane season. It’s also National Preparedness Month, first established by FEMA in 2004. While every month should be preparedness month, September is a good time for all of us to review our family emergency planning.  Please download these helpful preparedness guides from FEMA.


Asbestos and Natural Disasters Guide covers important information such as: (please go to the site and search for National Disasters)

- How Asbestos is a Risk During a Natural Disaster
- What to Do During Wildfires
- What to Do During a Hurricane
- How to Prevent Asbestos Exposure from Other Disasters