"It's Not About Church...It's About Ministry"

A holistic ministry ministering to individuals and the entire family through preaching, teaching, and spiritual discipline as taught through the word of God.

Our Pastors

Pastor Zelda Robinson

Pastor Zelda has worked in the corporate and public sectors, including the NYS public school system. She is a self-employed milliner (hat maker) and seamstress, and she serves as an associate dean at the NYCBC, where she teaches Theology I & II. She has also launched her LLC.

Pastor Zelda is a graduate of Delaware State College and The New York Christian Bible College (NYCBC), in which she earned a B.A. and M.Th., Ph.D. in Theology Degree, respectively. She has completed her graduate studies and certifications in Elementary Education.

Pastor Zelda began her journey in ministry in October 1996. Since then, she has served in many areas of ministry, including, but not limited to, Youth Minister, Worship Leader, Women's Ministry Director and Advisor, Conference Planner, Workshop facilitator, Leadership Training & Topical Bible Study Instructor, and advisor to the Creative Arts Ministry. 

Dr. Zelda L. Robinson, M.Th., Ph.D., co-founded Made In His Image Ministries, Inc, where she was ordained pastor in October 2013. 

Pastor Zelda loves craftwork, sewing, computer games, and family time.

Pastor James Robinson, Jr.

Pastor James Robinson, Jr. is the Associate Pastor of MIHI Ministries, Inc, where he was ordained a minister in October 2013. 

As a descendant of preachers, Pastor James began his journey into ministry in May 1998. In addition to preaching, he is a United States Air Force veteran and a retired United States Postal Service employee. He believes that "we live in the greatest country in the world, and it is up to us, 'we' the people, to make it greater. Our diversity is our strength as a country." 

Pastor James is a graduate of The College of Westchester and The New York Christian Bible College (NYCBC), in which he earned an Associate in Marketing and Management and a Doctor of Divinity Degree, respectively. 

Dr. James is an active member of his community and Veteran affairs. He is a professor at the NYCBC, where he teaches Church History.