"It's Not About Church...It's About Ministry"

A holistic ministry ministering to individuals and the entire family through preaching, teaching, and spiritual discipline as taught through the word of God.


Creative Arts

Beginning as a mime ministry, The Creative Arts Ministry has expanded into a versatile outlet allowing individuals to express their creative and imaginative talents to the glory of God. The ministry focuses on musical expression, creative movement through dance and mime, creative writing, and acting. Our most significant production as of date is our annual 7 Last Utterances of Christ Presentation, The leaders of this ministry Since 2012, our drama ministry has grown and performed powerful plays written and directed by Sis. Jasmine. For more information about you can get involved or if you are interested in learning any of these skills, don't hesitate to contact

Helping Hands

Originally designed to assist seniors in need, The Helping Hands Ministry has grown into a multi-facet ministry whose goal is to serve as a resource for children, families, single adults, seniors, and veterans in need. Each year the ministry aims to prepare and distribute food and care packages to seniors and veterans, Christmas gifts to underprivileged children, provide resources to those in need of housing and jobs, and much more. You can assist in these projects through your time or donations as a volunteer. For more information, don't hesitate to contact

Next Generation

MIHI's Next Generation Ministry, a/k/a NGM, was formed in 2022 and is under the leadership of Sis. Kimberly and Bro. Alex Grant. NGM allows young adults to express themselves and come together outside Sunday services. Under the leadership of the Grants, the ministry is working on several projects that will make other young adults outside of MIHI feel welcome and partake. The ministry presently meets every fourth Sunday. If you are interested in this ministry please contact